What Is A Sober House?

Content Where Sober Living Falls In The Continuum Of Addiction Care Take Control Of Your Life Charlestown Recovery House Sober Living: Everything You Need To Know About Long Sober Living Homes Halfway Houses Some sober living homes have exercise equipment, fitness areas, recreational space, pools and cookout areas. The homes may also be near an […]

Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol And How To Stop Drinking

Content Weight Gain The Negative Impacts Of Alcohol Who Should Go Alcohol Benefits Of Not Drinking Alcohol Timeline Why Does Quitting Make Us Feel Worse Before We Feel Better? Youll Start Losing Weight I had trouble relating to my family and I would get angry very easily. I got to a point where I knew […]

Cdcs Alcohol Screening And Brief Intervention Efforts

Content What Is An Intervention? How To Hold A Successful Intervention: 10 Tips What Happens During An Alcohol Intervention? Get Help For Alcoholism When To Intervene For A Loved One The intervention is about the person who needs help overcoming substance abuse; it is not about anyone else. Emotionally prepare yourself for these situations, while […]

How Long To Wait Between Drinking Alcohol And Bedtime

Content How Much Does It Take To Affect Sleep? Free Healthbeat Signup Booze Snooze: Why Does Alcohol Make You Sleepy, Then Alert? Get Help For Alcoholism Today Why You Should Limit Alcohol Before Bed For Better Sleep Alcohol Withdrawal And Insomnia Insomnia falls into several broad categories based on those times of the night when […]